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Overview of Bharath Home Medicare

Bharath Home Medicare (BHMC) was incorporated to provide world class holistic home health care services to all age groups at your door steps with affordable cost follow treatment plan and instructions of the patient's existing doctor / hospital with additional feature of Electronic Medical Records(EMR).

Founders of Bharath Home Medicare are expert professionals from Health Care, Information Technology and Finance industries with a successful career spanning over 2 decades with international experience. We strongly believe to grow sustainably by offering best quality of care.

Our diligent team at BHMC health wise medical staffs always strive to provide the best support and services you need. We follow a simple 3 step process which aims at :
a. Assessing your individual health needs
b. Creating a personalized plan of care
c. Implementing a comprehensive plan, that is specific to the needs of the patient, the family and your home environment.
Whether you're in need of short-term home care, or longer term home care support which will make your life easier. Call us at +91 73580 65500, +91 73580 65498 (24 / 7) / 044 431 777 33 (10 am - 5 pm), Visit us at www.bharathhomemedicare.com for more information and clarification.

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